Hairdresser Melton Mowbray


Hairdresser Melton Mowbray, based in Leicestershire, England, is one of the most popular hairdressers in the area. He has been doing hair for many decades and is well known for his high standard and friendly manner. Before taking on hairdressing jobs, he worked at several salons including Ivy Clothing House, where he worked with such celebrities as Diana Ross and Kate Moss. In this article he talks about his career and experiences.


Growing up in a small family in Leicestershire, Melton Mowbray was always interested in the fashion business, particularly as a child. As he grew older, he attended the University of Cambridge where he pursued a degree in chemistry but didn’t enjoy the academic work. Instead, he decided to pursue a career working in his parent’s salon. He worked there for about two years and then decided it wasn’t for him and opened up his own hairdresser’s shop in central London. Although he couldn’t call himself a ‘hairdresser’ because he didn’t use his real name, he did get a reputation for being a top hairdresser by his clients.


He has always been open and honest about his job and despite his success, he feels underappreciated by the industry. He is always looking out for the next new thing that will make a difference in people’s lives. He also gives regular lessons to hairdressers at Ivy Clothing House. He says that there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to learn about hairdressing and how to get started. He offers free training to anyone who signs up for his newsletter and also gives away free courses and information via the internet.

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