Online Marketing Agency in Belgium


Online Marketing Agency in Belgium is a new startup company that combines the services of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists with internet marketing. The founders, Amy and Florance have over 12 years experience in both SEO and social media marketing. They have decided to combine these two specialties to become one powerful entity. “We believe that if you combine the best parts of each you get the ultimate result” says Florance. “We create a unique service that our clients can call us for” said Amy. Read More – Search Clicks

How to Launch an Online Marketing Agency in Belgium

“Social media and SEO go hand in hand, it’s essential for any successful business online. We see so many companies choosing to do just one or the other but not both, that limits your growth and profitability” said Amy. “The power of combining SEO and social media will help your business grow and we are seeing this trend everywhere” said Florance “With SEO on your side you will never know how successful your website will be until it is online and driving traffic to your site.

This new startup Chinese market online marketing agency in Belgium, “will give you a strategic and tactical plan that will help you increase your sales and profit”. “We will be able to help you gain a competitive edge with SEO, social media and PPC” said Florance. “This is only the first China online marketing agency in Belgium, we will have others in the near future” said Amy. “This business is very exciting for us, we love to help new businesses come up. This is a perfect fit for us as we have two passions: marketing and e-commerce” said Florance.