Cannabinette – Stigmas and Cannabinettes


The distinctive flowers of the female cannabis plant are easily identified by their short, droopy little teardrop shapes, which often consist of tiny pistils encircling small bracts containing volatile oil. Generally, the colour of these flowers is white, with red being more common. The flowers have three to nine stamens and between five to ten petals. The flowers reach a height of only four inches, although they can grow to be three feet high and four feet wide. Most cannabis flowers are covered with a white, frosty-looking surface of tracheoles, with the density of these trachomes making for an even more desirable flower. The other distinguishing feature of these blossoms is that the inflorescence glows rather than blinking, giving the cannabis flower its distinctive, characteristic smell.

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Marijuana buds or stems have six to nine oval-shaped leaves, and these leaves are long and thin with two to three narrow pointed tips. The leaves are short and fleshy and contain numerous oil glands along the underside of the leaves. Some plants have alternate leaves, while others have only one set of leaves. Usually, the marijuana plant has green leaves, although some varieties may also have red or purple ones. Check Out –

Image lightbox plants are given that name because of the way the images can be seen through a special glass, called an image lightbox, when the plant is placed inside. The cannabis flower and stigmas are enclosed within this special glass, and images can be viewed through it as if the plant were outside. Images can be viewed through this special glass in a variety of different colours, allowing you to choose whichever images you like most. This creates a unique visual experience, which combines the soothing effects of nature’s sounds with your own natural creativity. These images are then projected through specially designed windows, onto your personal living room wall, or into your consciousness if you chose to.

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