Buying the Best Electric Skateboard


Here’s a fresh, light-hearted look at what the best electric skateboard decks actually are. Developing a best electric skateboard list is now very difficult, if not completely impossible, since every rider has his or her own specific wants and needs in an electric deck. This article aims to give you the basics to start designing your own best electric skateboard list so that you can narrow down the list of products that you really want and end up with the right selection for you. There is nothing more frustrating than getting online and browsing through hundreds of electric skateboard decks only to come up with two or three that you are interested in. Instead of wasting all that time, why don’t you go into this article with a list of the top ten most important criteria when deciding on which electric deck to buy?


Speed: The bottom line is always speed; no matter how good a skateboard is, it can only perform to its potential if the rider can reach a top speed of more than thirty miles per hour. The best cheap electric skateboard should be able to reach this maximum speed with ease. Motors used in these boards have the capability of running at higher speeds, which is why they tend to be heavier and are therefore harder to control. The right type of motor is important because it determines the level of performance that you will get from the board.


Braking: It’s important to note that when you are surfing on an electric skateboard, you are not doing so with a traditional deck. Instead, you are using your feet to slow down your board, while using your own body weight as the source of power to accelerate and decelerate. To get the best performance out of a braking system, you should find one that uses a combination of both smooth and strong braking elements. A meepo v3 pro, for example, has both a smooth braking system and strong braking elements.

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