Become a BreathMaster


If you’ve always been fascinated by breathwork but don’t know where to begin, Become a BreathMaster is an excellent option. This certification course is a comprehensive guide to breathwork facilitating, including verbal cues and energy-based practices. In addition to acquiring the skills needed to facilitate breathwork, this course also provides hands-on training, which includes facilitating 12 client sessions. After completing the course, students are provided with feedback for three of these sessions. Afterwards, they can get hands-on practice by attending mentorship sessions.

Learn About Breathwork And Its Benefits In This ArticleBecome a BreathMaster

The breathwork certification course you choose is highly influenced by its teacher, so you should choose an instructor carefully. After all, you will spend most of your training with him or her. It’s essential to find an instructor whose values and beliefs align with your own. Additionally, you should find an instructor whom you respect and feel comfortable working with. As a BreathMaster, you can earn a certificate upon completion.

There are many benefits to achieving breath mastery. It starts with simple daily exercises that will help you develop your strength and focus. It also opens up a world of possibilities beyond the mouth and nose. Breath Mastery trainer Dan Brule helps you use your breath power for positive outcomes. The program is divided into eight paths. Each path leads you to a specific goal, and the exercises will help you reach that goal.

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