A Mount Etna Excursion From Taormina


Etna excursion from Taormina

A trip to Mount Etna is a great way to explore Sicily’s natural wonders. A tour to Etna will include a jeep ride that takes you two km off the road. You’ll see high-altitude craters, the expansion chamber, and a 26-km fracture that divides the volcano into two parts. The landscape is incredibly beautiful, and the region is famous for its excellent honey. The trip also includes lunch in Taormina, which is the best known resort in the area.

Region Is Famous For Its Excellent Honey

Escursione etna da taormina, you’ll get to experience the unique culture of this town, and you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch accompanied by wine tasting. You’ll also get a free transfer from Taormina to Catania. This tour is a fantastic way to learn more about the ancient history of Sicily. The town is also home to an ancient Roman acropolis and the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna, so it’s worth spending a little time there.

If you have time in your itinerary, you can combine your Mount Etna excursion with a tour to Taormina. TravelTaormina offers daily tours to Mount Etna, and you can learn about Etna’s history and natural beauty while enjoying a soft trek between 1800 and 2000 meters. You can also hike to the top of the mountain, which is 2900 meters high.

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