Concrete Contractors


One of the best things about a concrete contractors lubbock tx┬áits ease of maintenance. Concrete is more solid than natural stones, so there are no weeds to contend with growing between the joints. Concrete patios are also highly versatile, and there are many pre-fabricated options that allow for a variety of designs. However, if you’re planning to install a concrete patio in Lubbock, you should consider hiring a contractor who has experience in this type of construction.

Make Sure You Prepare The Ground Evenly And Flat Enough To Avoid Any Problems With The Concrete

It’s important to prepare the site properly before installing a concrete patio, as this will ensure longevity and stability of the concrete and the soil beneath. If the soil is not properly prepared, the patio could shift, crack, or fall apart. Not to mention, a poorly prepared site can increase the cost of the project. So, if you’re planning to install a concrete patio, you should make sure that the area is easily accessible and is flat.

The cost of a concrete patio in Lubbock, TX can vary. A 10×10 square-foot slab can cost anywhere from $670 to $1,800. A twenty-four-by-twenty-four-by-four-foot patio can cost as much as $5,944; however, you’ll have to consider demolition costs when calculating the total price. In this regard, a concrete patio quote service can be extremely beneficial.