Change WiFi Password – Router Hax


If your home wireless network has been compromised and you have found that anyone can connect to your wireless devices, such as your cellular phones or laptops, then you need to Change WiFi Password – Router Hax at router. But how? First of all you need to know how to change password of the router. To change the password of your wireless network, you just need to access the local router admin console, where you can configure many settings related to wireless, security, software, and many more.

How to Change WEP Passwords Without Having to Know Your Smart Card Number?

To change wifi password you need to connect the computer to the wireless network and also make sure that there is an open port on the computer for the use of the computer and also open WEP key. You also need to enter the new pin in the WEP key slot of the wireless device to enable the connection. On the other hand, if your wireless device is not configured properly then you cannot access the internet connection even by logging into the web page of the internet browser.

In order to change wifi password, you need to reset the configuration, by visiting the Wireless Network settings, on the console of the computer. You can select the following options: Wireless security, LAN setting, Change password, Change wireless network settings. By clicking on the Change password you can enter a new password in the form of a code. After that, restart the computer to enter the new password. That’s it, now you are able to access to your favorite websites without the fear of being hacked.